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MAPPING OUT THE REGIONS. note; the following list isn't what i've gotten from studying pre-med, instead, these are notes coming from the book i am now reading: anatomy & physiology for dummies [third edition]! i hope this helps! *here's a list of the AXIAL BODY'S main regions >>Head and neck •Cephalic (head) •Cervical (neck) •Cranial (skull) •Frontal (forehead) •Nasal (nose) •Occipital (base of skull) •Oral (mouth) •Orbital/ocular (eyes) >>Thorax •Axillary (armpit) •Costal (ribs) •Deltoid (shoulder) •Mammary (breast) •Pectoral (chest) •Scapular (shoulder blade) •Sternal (breastbone) •Vertebral (backbone) >>Abdomen •Abdominal (abdomen) •Gluteal (buttocks) •Inguinal (bend of hip) •Lumbar (lower back) •Pelvic (the area between hip bones) •Perineal (the area between anus and external genitalia) •Pubic (genitals) •Sacral (end of the vertebral column) *here's a list of the APPENDICULAR BODY'S main regions: >>Upper extremity •Antebrachial (forearm) •Antecubital (inner elbow) •Brachial (upper arm) •Carpal (wrist) •Cubital (elbow) •Digital (fingers/toes) •Manual (hand) •Palmar (palm) >>Lower extremity •Crural (shin, the front of lower leg) •Femoral (thigh) •Patellar (front of the knee) •Pedal (foot) •Plantar (arch of the foot) •Popliteal (back of knee) •Sural (calf, back of lower leg) •Tarsal (ankle)

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