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Anatomy and physiology of small 

Anatomy and physiology of small intestine

By watching this video you can learn in detail about the physiology and anatomy of small intestine. This video also explains peristalsis, gastrointestinal reflexes and motility reflexes. Timeline: 0:05 Physiology of small intestine 0:23 Functional anatomy of small intestine 2:20 Structural characterstics 5:06 Small intestine secretions 6:52 Control of intestinal secretions 8:05 Movements of intestine 9:07 Migrating motor complex 10:40 Mixing movements (Segmentation contraction) 13:17 Propulsive movements 14:29 Mechanism of peristalsis 16:37 Regulation of peristalsis 18:50 Peristaltic rush 19:57 Polarity of intestine 21:38 Law of intestine 23:15 Movements of villi 24:30 Gastrointestinal reflexes 27:06 Motility reflexes 31:20 Applied

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