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Anatomy and physiology of large 

Anatomy and physiology of large intestine

This video explains the anatomy and physiology of large intestine, it also discusses the movements in intestine, reflexes and diseases. Timeline: 0:05 Physiology of large intestine 0:27 Functional anatomy 2:10 Large intestine secretions 3:53 Motility of large intestine cretions 4:47 Haustrations 5:59 Peristalsis 7:33 Mass movements (Propulsive movements) 9:28 Mixing movements (Segmentation contraction) 10:45 Gastrolic reflex 15:19 Mechanism of defecation 18:07 Parasympathetic reflex 19:45 Integrated defecation reflex 21:53 Integration of local and spinal reflexes 23:28 Voluntary defecation 28:39 Constipation 30:00 Hirschsprungs disease

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