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Anatomy and physiology of exocrine 

Anatomy and physiology of exocrine pancreas

This video explains the composition, mechanism of secretion, functions and regulation of pancreatic secretion. This video also explains the exocrine pancreatic function test. Timeline: 0:26 Functional anatomy of exocrine pancreas 1:02 Exocrine pancreas 1:46 Pancreatic secretions composition 2:28 Pancreatic enzymes 4:26 Pancreatic proteolytic enzymes 7:49 Secretion of bicarbonate ions 10:09 Phases pancreatic secretions 13:26 Regulation of pancreatic secretion 14:22 Hormonal regulation 17:07 Summary of hormonal regulation 18:39 Aplied physiology 19:16 Pancreatitis 25:20 Cystic fibrosis

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