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Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer

Space maintainer : is an intraoral fixed or removable appliances that⁣ preserve the space created by the premature loss of primary tooth or a group of⁣ teeth.⁣ 🟣 Types of space maintainers :⁣ 🔷️ 1- Removable appliances : Acrylic Partial Denture. The acrylic partial⁣ denture has been used successfully after the⁣ multiple loss of teeth in the mandible or the⁣ maxillary arch. This appliance is indicated when⁣ there has been bilateral loss of more than a single⁣ tooth and can be readily adjusted to allow for the⁣ eruption of teeth.⁣ 🔷️ 2- Fixed space maintainers :⁣ 🔘 The crown and loop : is the same as the band and loop but a stainless steel crown is⁣ used on the abutment tooth instead of the band.⁣ 🔘 the Nance holding arch :⁣ Used to maintains the maxillary 1st permanent molar positioning after prematurely loss of multiple primary molar in the same quadrant or bilateral loss of primary molars.⁣ 🔘 The passive fixed lingual arch :⁣ 1- After multiple loss of primary molars to maintain mandibular arch length⁣ and prevent mesial drifting and tipping or rotation of the permanent first⁣ molars ,also prevents lingual tipping of the permanent incisors.⁣ 2- Bilateral loss of primary molars after the eruption of lower lateral incisors.⁣ 🔘 The intra-alveolar (distal shoe) or distal extension appliance :⁣ used to prevent the mesial migration of the unerupted permanent first molar⁣ after premature loss of the primary second molar.⁣

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