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What are the mitigation actions?

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The mitigation strategies for SLCP provide outstanding benefits to health. According to WHO, this strategy includes • Policies and investments that prioritize dedicated rapid transit and walking and cycling networks in compact cities can promote health in multiple ways, including reduced air pollution exposures, reduced injury risks and greater opportunities for safe active travel. • Encouraging healthier diets rich in plant-based foods and low in red and processed meats among affluent populations at risk of a range of diet-related noncommunicable diseases will have a positive effect on health and will also reduce emissions. • Provide and promote the use of clean and efficient cook-stoves and fuels, and cleaner energy sources, to the approximately 2.8 billion low-income households that currently rely on solid fuels for heating and cooking. • Reducing vehicle emissions of both particulate matter as well as ozone precursors (e.g. NO2) by implementing stricter vehicle and fuel emissions and efficiency standards.

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