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Hiba Iqbal
Hiba Iqbalover 1 year ago


Mumps is common viral infection especially among age group of school going children. It is caused by Paramyxovirus a member of Rubulavirus family and has incubation period of about 15-24 days. The prodromal symptoms for this disease are non specific like malaise, fever and headache followed by clinically visible parotid gland enlargement which is tender and bilateral in 75% of the cases. In untreated cases complications may occur which includes meningo-encephalitis a most common complication, epididimo-orchitis in 25% of post pubertal males. If a pregnant lady gets infected by paramyxovirus in 1st trimester it leads to abortion. Diagnosis is made on clinical basis and mumps specific IgM in acute infection. This disease is preventable by vaccination of MMR(measles, mumps and rubella). Treatment is mostly supportive.

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