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Mishal Shan
Mishal Shanalmost 2 years ago
Openings in the nasal cavity

Openings in the nasal cavity

The lateral walls of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx are connected to other structures of the head and neck including the Eustachian tube from the middle ear, nasolacrimal duct from the eye and the paranasal sinuses. Knowledge of their anatomy is extremely relevant to our clinical practice. Three conchae can be seen extending from the lateral wall of the nasal cavity which divide the entire cavity into superior, middle and inferior meatus respectively. The portion posterosuperior to the superior concha is called the sphenoethmoidal recess. The structures open into the nasal cavity in the following order from above downwards: Sphenoidal sinus- Sphenoethmoidal recess Posterior ethmoidal cells- Superior meatus Anterior and middle ethmoidal cells, frontal and maxillary sinuses- Middle meatus Nasolacrimal duct- Inferior meatus Eustachian tube- Posterolateral aspect of the nasopharynx Image via:

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