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Medicalpediaabout 2 years ago
Boat propeller accident! 
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Boat propeller accident! 

A group of friends had rented a house on the lake and were about to go wake boarding. This patient had jumped in the water next to the boat. One of his friends went to start the boat not knowing anyone was in the water. The propeller caught one of his feet. The patient was transported with a helicopter to the nearest level one trauma center in hopes of saving the foot. The patient was stabilized and will undergo many operations and skin grafting procedures to save as much of the foot as possible.

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about 2 years ago

Really terrible accident. This needs immediate surgery

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about 2 years ago

We are not prescribing pain meds but if a real accident reconstructive surgery asap or a bad sfx job

about 2 years ago

Why would you not treat his pain? He obviously needs surgery. If you don't treat his pain adequately, he will not do the therapy needed to rehabilitate. Don't overtreat it either, but no pain meds is barbaric.