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Bhavesh Gahlot
Bhavesh Gahlotover 3 years ago
Different shapes of Hymen

Different shapes of Hymen

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over 3 years ago

Take a look for yourself — like any other part of your body, you're allowed to look at it! (You might need a hand mirror.) The hymen is located just about a half-inch inside the vagina. It's a thin membrane that covers yourexternal vaginal opening.

over 2 years ago

What’s number 1’s name?

almost 2 years ago

Imperforated hymen

almost 2 years ago

What’s number 2 name?


6 months ago

About the absent one, I believe that I can see hymenal tissue all around but it is too thin, am I right?

2 months ago

whats the name of number 3