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Sheeza Basharat2 months ago
Visual Field Defect

Visual Field Defect

The visual field is the "spatial array of visual sensations available to observation in introspectionist psychological experiments". Or simply, visual field can be defined as the entire area that can be seen when an eye is fixed straight at a point. The equivalent concept for optical instruments and image sensors is the field of view (FOV). In optometry, ophthalmology, and neurology, a visual field test is used to determine whether the visual field is affected by diseases that cause local scotoma or a more extensive loss of vision or a reduction in sensitivity (increase in threshold). Visual field loss may occur due to many disease or disorders of the eye, optic nerve, or brain. For the eye, e.g., Glaucoma causes peripheral field defects. Macular degeneration and other diseases affecting the macula cause central field defects. Lesions of the visual pathway cause characteristic forms of visual disturbances, including homonymous hemianopsia, quadrantanopsia, and scotomata.

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