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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat3 months ago


Scenario: An assault has resulted in a serious leg wound to a victim. The injury is similar in appearance to the one in the photos. The file has made its way to Court and you now have to describe and explain the wound as a part of your testimony. In your mind you answer the following questions as you prepare for Court. Answer the following (use the letters in your responses). 1. Wound type? A. Laceration B. Puncture C. Avulsion 2. The wound is best described as A. a tear B. a cut C. a burn 3. The most likely scenario was A. The accused stabbed the victim in the leg B. The accused beat the victim in the leg with a bat C. The victim fell after being pushed by the accused and caught their leg on a protruding piece of pipe on a floor What are your answers to 1-3?

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2 months ago

1. Laceration 2. Cut 3. Pipe on the floor

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2 months ago

A-1 b-1, c-3