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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat3 months ago
Insertions on Pelvis

Insertions on Pelvis

Several important muscles attach to the different parts of the pelvis. In young adults and adolescents, when the bones have not yet fused completely these are apophyses which are secondary centres of ossification centres and later fuse to the bone. These are located at the non-weight bearing parts of the bone which contribute to the shape and size of the bone but not always it’s length (unlike epiphysis!)

Unlike epiphyses which contribute to a joint, apophyses provide important sites of attachment for tendons and ligaments and that is why they are also called traction epiphyses which may be injured by forceful muscle contraction during activities and sports such as Jumping, hurdling, turning suddenly or even dancing. These are common injuries in athletes. Some of these are vulnerable to injury well into the twenties such as the ischial tuberosity and the Iliac crest which fuses around 25 years of age.

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