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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharatabout 2 months ago
Hairy Intraoral Flaps

Hairy Intraoral Flaps

A 61-year-old male came to the department complaining of discomfort in his mouth which has been present for six months. History revealed that the patient had a history of diagnosed and treated cancer of the buccal mucosa. He had been treated with radiation therapy and local resection was done along with surgical reconstruction with radial forearm flaps. Intraoral examination showed various hair fibers growing from the surface of the left buccal mucosa into the oral cavity and extending into the palate. Patient was advised to have laser excision of these hairs but he refused the procedure. His refusal was related to his previous surgical experiences. . Hairy intraoral flaps are one of rarest adverse effects of surgical reconstruction after treatment of oral malignancies. This may be due to the presence of hair follicles in the donor sites used as a flap. An intraoral hairy flap may result in constant discomfort affecting the quality of life.

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