Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharatover 1 year ago
Ovarian Cyst of 4330g!

Ovarian Cyst of 4330g!

A case of a 67 year old female who presented for abdominal pain, was found to have an ovarian cyst that weighed 4330 gr and measured 18cm in greatest dimension. This turned out to be a serous cystadenoma. Benign serous ovarian tumor (serous cystadenoma) comprises approximately 60% of all serous ovarian tumors. It is most frequently encountered in the 4th and 5th decades of life. About 15-20% of cases are bilateral. It may be associated with endometriosis. Most tumors are asymptomatic until they reach large size. Symptoms include abdominal discomfort and chronic pelvic pain. Rare tumors may undergo torsion and cause acute abdominal pain. Grossly, they consist of thin-walled unilocular cyst usually filled with clear serous fluid. Small papillary excrescences may be present in the cyst wall inside or on the surface. So in all cases, these tumors should be thoroughly examined and sampled specially the papillary excrescences and solid areas in order to rule out a serous cystadeno carcinoma.

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