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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat28 days ago
Stabident Intraosseous Anesthesia Technique

Stabident Intraosseous Anesthesia Technique

Dr. Berlin shows you how to instantly anesthetize a "hot" tooth for a root canal with Stabident. When a patient is hard to numb, rather than overdose them with anesthetic, the stabident is a great alternative and not so hard to do. A quick look at the X-ray and if the bone and root anatomy permit, proceed. Anesthetize the buccal aspect first with 1/2 carpule of articaine. I use an electric blue 1:1 handpiece with high torque and RPM around 3000. Hold the pin firmly and perpendicular to the bone. Best to go through attached gingiva. Otherwise you have to spend some time to find the osseous access hole with the needle under the movable gingiva (which obviously moves). Inject 1/3 Carpule intraosseously very slow and preferably use a Non-epinephrine anesthetic. Credits:

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