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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat4 months ago
Choking First Aid for Babies

Choking First Aid for Babies

Back blows (top) and chest thrusts (bottom) to relieve forign body airway obstruction in the infant. In an infant <1 yr old, a combination of 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts is administered . After each cycle of back blows and chest thrusts, the child's mouth should be visually inspected for the presence of the foreign body. If identified within finger's reach, it should be removed with a gentle finger sweep. If no foreign body is visual, ventilation is again attempted .If this is unsuccessful, the head is repositioned and ventilation attempted again .If there is still no chest rise, the series of back blows and chest thrusts is repeated. Source:Guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiac care. Emergency Cardiac Care Committee and Subcommittees, American Heart Association. Part V.Pediatric basic life support, JAMA 268:2251–2261, 1992.

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