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Lydia Rodriguez11 months ago

What is the maximum dose, in mg/kg, for the following local anaesthetics?

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11 months ago

Local anesthetics are drugs used topically to provide pain relief for limited time and least invasively. Even though they are considered to be safe drugs they can cause side effects and toxicity. This can present as involvement of multiple systems such as: CNS, CVS, hematological and local tissue changes. This is why use of these drugs should not be done without proper dosage. There are many available types: amino esters (procaine, cocaine), amino acids (bupivacaine, lidocaine), combination (EMLA, rapydan). Example of dosing is: for lidocaine (3mg/kg & 7mg/kg with adrenaline) and for bupivicaine (2mg/kg & 3mg/kg with adrenaline).

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