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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat11 months ago


This 21 year old girl Katie shot her face off during a suicide attempt at 18. She received total face transplant from a woman who fell into coma due to drug overdose. HISTORY: The self-inflicted gunshot lead Katie to lose her nose and mouth and displaced her eyes resulting in the loss of her vision. 3 years of being on waiting list, and after receiving 22 surgeries to repair her face, she received a total face transplant. The doctors fashioned a new lower jawbone from titanium and part of her fibula with flesh still attached. To bring Katie's eyes together, they attached to her forhead a distraction device adjusting it day by day. THE FACE TRANSPLANT : The surgery involved the transplantation of scalp, forehead, upper eyelids, eye sockets, nose, cheeks, upper jaw, upper teeth, lower teeth, half of lower jaw, partial facial nerve, muscles and skin -effectively replacing the full facial tissue. She can now to swallow and breathe on her own again.Her vision has not fully recovered yet, and is going to receive another surgery for hard palate which will improve her speech. Credits : This case was featured on natgeo with the name 'the story of a face'

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