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Which physical findings are characteristic of enterovirus infection?

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Physical Findings in Enterovirus Infection • Non-specific febrile illness presents with conjunctivitis and pharyngeal erythema. • Pleurodynia presents with paraoxymal chest pain, fever, and pleural friction rub. • Myopericarditis presents with chest pain, dyspnea, and fever. • AHC presents with ocular erythema, subconjunctival hemorrhage, palpebral edema, ocular discharge and chemosis. • Aseptic meningitis presents with bulging fontanelles and nichal rigidity. • Encephalitis presents drowsiness, lethargy, seizures, hemichorea and personality change. • Herpangina presents with punctuate macular lesions and ulcers. • HMFD presents with vesicular lesions on hands, feet and oral cavity.

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