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Mylee karimabout 1 year ago
Toka machine (fodder cutter  ) injury

Toka machine (fodder cutter ) injury

A woman of about 48 yrs old was received in ER with the c/o toka injury on the arm about 30 minites ago.. On gross examination no fingers or hand was found . muscles of the firearm were completely transected (multiple times) n underlying bone could b seen. Nerves and vessel were damaged . Wound was dirty and remains of fodder could be seen. Xray showed both radius and ulnar fracture, radius was completely fractured and ulna was fractured at two points (shaft and distal end). Patient was immediately given fluids, antibiotics, transamine and painkillers via iv line; was stabilized blood arranged and moved to ESOT for amputation(L.A.E.A) After the surgery pt was observed for one day and was discharged the next day to follow up after a week.

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