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Hiba Iqbal
Hiba Iqbalover 1 year ago
Cystic Hygroma

Cystic Hygroma

It is a fluid-filled sac due to blockage of the lymphatic system that appears as a swelling usually in the neck. They are present in neonates or infants but they may also be present prenatally and at birth they may become large enough to cause obstructed labor. The swelling is translucent, usually bilateral, soft and partially compressible and it's size increases when the child cries or coughs. The swelling can sometimes become so large that it causes respiratory problems and feeding difficulties which makes it difficult for the child to thrive. The cyst can also become infected if not treated. The only definitive treatment is complete excision of the cyst when it is at an early stage. However, it is essential that no residual tissue is left behind otherwise it may recur.

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