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Shivaraj Patil
Shivaraj Patilover 1 year ago

My father is met with RTA , HEAD INJURY BRAIN CT REPORT SHOWS multiple areas of parenchymal contusion in the both superior and basofrontal lobes, left occipatal , both temporal lobes and in the left cerebellum. * Interval decrease in the size of the contusion with resolution of the subdural bleed and midline shaft .rest of the findings remain same and asbfollows . *Small intraventricular bleed in the left lateral ventricle. *Sub archanoid bleed in the high parietal region *Fracture of left occipatal bone seen with overlying scalp hematoma , #plz tell me what we can do for him ? Pls tell me the medical management

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over 1 year ago

Please get a neurosurgery consult. Midline shift isnt something that should be taken lightly

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over 1 year ago

He needs to be managed in person by a qualified professional, not over the internet

over 1 year ago

Thank you