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Khushi jain
Khushi jainalmost 2 years ago


Hello....everyone!! All the doctors and medical students so here ,i am sharing soms knowledge about diuretics. Diuretics-the drugs which helps in excretion of Na+ and water out from body are called as diuretics. As per classification: 1. High celeing /loop diuretics 2. Medium efficacy 3.k+ sparing diuretics. So...1 st high ceiling diuretics..they are also cld Na+k+Cl+cotransport inhibitors.they act on ascending limb of loop of henele .(thick part). E.g.furosemide,butemide,torsedimide etc.among which torsedemide are 20-30 times more potent than furosemide. They are used in cases of cardiac edema,pulmonaryedema,renal edema,cerebral edema,in HTN,etc. ***They causes hypercalcemia..!!!!!!!! Medium efficacy- inhibits Na+k+symport E.g.- benzothiazidines, chlorothiazidines,chloromeflothiazidines,etc. This drugs causes hypocaclemia an helps in removing out Na And excesss wster. •If we talk about aldosterone anatognist which acts as k+ sparing diueetics -spironolactone,epeleprone,amiloride,trimelorie etc.they act by increasing k + and inhibiting the aldosterone induced protein by acting on mineralocortcoid receptors. •Effects of diruetics are - Hpyonatriemia,hperlipidemia,hyperurecimia,hypermagnesimia,glucose intolerance,ototoxicity,etc. •Some are used in cases of glaucoma (open angle glaucoma)..due to decreased intraocular tension. •antagonist drugs -tolacptone and merzotopne •medium efficacy drugs acts on DCT while k+sparing diuretics acts on collecting duct. Side effects like headache,giddiness,palpitation,git prblms,ototoxicity,hperkalemia etc. Also may occur. Spironlactones should never be used with ACR inhibitors. •also there is another type knowns as osmotic diuretics .they act by osmosis effect in body. E.g.mannitol,isosorbide,glycerol..etc. So....after this...i will be glad i get to know about ur opinion,any comment..or any mistake..if i had done!😊 My .... Why loop diuretics and medium Effeciacy diuretics shows hypercalceima nd hypocalcemia???????although other effects are same...of both.!!

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