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Dr. AG
Dr. AG over 4 years ago

Scabies - Sarcoptes Scabiei. Age - Children > Adults. Transmission - Transmissable In Overcrowding. IP - 1 Month. Life Cycle - Fertilised Female Mite Transfer where it lays eggs in a burrow ( Larvae To Nymph To Adult Stages In 10-14 Days ). C/F - Severe Pruritis getting worse at night Diagnostic Feature - Presence Of Burrow ( Irregular Gray-Brown Line ) about 5 mm long over wrists, finger webs, genitalia and in young children over palms or soles. Other skin lesions have uncharacteristic morphology but characteristic distribution. Types - Genital, Nodular And Keratotic Scabies. Complications - Bacterial Infection, Eczematisation, Paraphimosis And Immunologic Sequelae. Treatment - Gamma Benzene Hexachloride ( 1 % ) , Permethrin ( 5 % ) And Benzyl Benzoate ( 25 % , Avoided in children due to its irritant potential ) are popular effective remedies. Anti- Histamines To Relieve Pruritis. Non-Sedative Antihistamines can also be used if sedation is to be avoided. Anything Important To Add ?

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