Dr. Jiya
Dr. Jiya
in Discussion | 3 years ago

FOR YOURSELF, MEDICINE STUDENT... Remember that you’re not defined by a number. You are defined by what you have overcome and what you’re enduring. A grade is not important,if you have not learned for your patients. You’ll treat people,not exams. Learn for them and study for them. They need the best out of you. When and if you’re tired, you’re allowed to take a break, whether it be at 10 pm when you don’t want to open that cardiology book,at 2 pm when class was difficult to understand or at 4am when you’re running tests on a patient. Take a moment to breathe, and go back to giving your all.. DON’T compare yourself to others people or students, you are you and you are amazing 😉. Don’t diminish all that you do and all that you have done,because I have seen you work hard. Your only competition is yourself, you’re working hard to become a better you... Remember the reason why you choose this path and why you started in the first place. I risk to say that beyond choosing this carrier because of the great challenge that it implied, you choose medicine because of your desire to help another in need and your neverending fascinating with the human body and it’s art........................... CONTINUE WORKING SLOWLY BUT STEADILY, LOVE WHAT YOU DO. GIVE YOUR BEST ALWAYS 😊

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