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Medicaltalks over 4 years ago
Face transplant
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Face transplant

One of the biggest challenges plastic surgery ever faced! In 2001 face transplant patient, Patrick Haridson, was trapped in a house fire. The accident left him with extensive burns, with no ears and no eyelids. For 14 years his doctors attempted to create eyelids with no success; the only procedure left to try was a face transplant. In 2015, he underwent the most extensive facial transplant to date. The main objective of the surgery was to give Patrick functioning eyelids again. A year later, he has suffered no major complications. “The first thing looked at in anybody is the face. No matter what’s inside your heart, people see that, and that’s what they react to. I’m a normal guy. I’m just like you or anybody else walking down the street, now I just don’t get a second look.” – Patrick Hardison “It’s a huge success. This is not a success that’s on one person’s shoulders, a lot of people came together for one person. One would think that this is probably impractical but I would say that the greatest medical discoveries have come his way. The opportunity that this one patient provides for so many people is truly remarkable.” – Dr. Eduardo

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over 4 years ago

Amazing.... Bless the donor and his family💚

over 4 years ago

Yes! This is so amazing to me!! What they can do through medicine in this age is mind boggling. God bless all the medical field who do this great work😀

over 4 years ago

This is remarkable 🙌🏼