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Medicaltalks 12 months ago
Fissure fracture of the vault of the skull
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Fissure fracture of the vault of the skull

Boy that's a long skull fracture! Fissure fracture of the vault of the skull running from the right temporal region to the left temporal region and into the right middle cranial fossa and the left posterior fossa!A fissure or hairline fracture is a crack extending over the surface of the whole bone. It essentially happens in long bones. The fracture doesn't go through the bone and only the outer layer is broken due to the low force applied when during the trauma. Surgical treatment should be undertaken in those patients who complain of acute pain at the site of a fissure fracture and who risk completing the fracture.Fissure fractures involving the femoral region (especially the neck) should be fixed even when asymptomatic because of the risk of non-union if they become complete.

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