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Medicaltalks about 1 year ago
A 70 year old grandpa after using a table saw!
#NSFWSensitive content 18+
This material contains content which some users might find distrubing

A 70 year old grandpa after using a table saw!

This furniture builder was using the saw to cut wood strips, when his right hand made contact with the saw blade. Three fingers amputated and he suffered deep cuts to his index finger, fortunately sparing the thumb. This type horrific and totally preventable injury usually when workers are exposed to an unguarded saw blade, failing to ensure that drill presses were properly guarded and secured to the floor. Replantation of the completely amputated digits is generally considered after stabilizing the patient. It is possible to restore the function and survival of the replanted part, with the general operative sequence being the vascular shunt first to minimize ischemia time, bone fixation with or without shortening if needed, extensor tendon repair, artery repair, venous anastomoses, flexor tendon repair, nerve repair, and skin with fasciotomy in some cases to relieve tension or pressure and treat possible acute compartment syndrome.

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