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Medicaltalks 7 months ago
#NSFWSensitive content 18+
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Like it has never been there!! Polydactyly of the foot with deviation of the extra toe surgically excised!! Polydactylism is a fairly common congenital abnormality. Chances are you'll see this at least once or twice, it's that common! It refers to the situation where there are more than the usual number of digits (five) in a hand or foot. The extra digit is rarely fully formed or fully functional and is usually a small piece of soft tissue that can be removed. It can contain bone without joints and rarely even be a complete functioning digit but people choose to remove it surgically due to both cosmetic and functional purposes. The extra toes cause problem of interfering with shoe wear, widen the foot and can change loading patterns with walking or running. While this can be addressed with especially wide shoes, removal of the extra toe may be a more straightforward solution. Surgical treatment simply consists of excision of the extra toe and reconstruction of the soft tissue around the reminding toe and it’s alignment, as well as any associated abnormalities.

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