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Treatment of decompensated heart failure

Decompensated heart failure treatment helps stabilize symptoms and protect kidney function. Treatment will depend on the type of heart failure a person has. Chronic decompensated heart failure Doctors may prescribe diuretics to eliminate excess fluid buildup in people with chronic decompensated heart failure. Another common name for these drugs is water pills. They can also treat high blood pressure. A person should inform a doctor of any other medications they are taking. Some medications, including thiazide diuretics or cyclosporine, can interact with heart medications such as digoxin (Lanoxin). Vasodilators are another class of medications that people with chronic decompensated heart failure may take. The AHATrusted Source explains that these widen the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Acute heart failure A 2022 article suggests that vasodilators can treat acute heart failure in individuals with pulmonary congestion. Some people may have to undergo bypass surgery if there is a sudden blockage, as blood will be unable to flow to the heart. During this procedure, surgeons typically use a blood vessel from the chest, leg, or arm to reroute the blood flow around the part of the artery causing a blockage. Learn more about heart bypass surgery. Heart failure during pregnancy A 2016 article mentions diuretics as the first treatment the medical community recommends for people with heart failure during pregnancy.

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