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Medical Case ⚠️ The 22-year-old female, 75 kg/ 165lbs, unmarried, no history of pregnancy, never been to a hospital, without other various diseases in the past , no smoker, coffee drinker, occasionally alcohol, presents the blood results: RBC of 3.64, hemoglobin 8.9, hematocrit 28.8, MCV 79.1, MCH 24.5, MCHC 30.9, WBC 4.37, ESR 45. The patient complains of dizziness, always cold hands and feet, panic, anxiety, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, fatigue, weak, sometimes headache, the patient is recommended treatment for anemia, what else do you think it could be?

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11 days ago

Iron deficiency anemia

It’s all because of the depression and anxiety

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Iron profile, thyroid profile.


11 days ago

Hypothyroidism. Iron profiling is recommended

11 days ago

May be psychiatric disorder

10 days ago

Peripheral blood smear? Menstrual history? Iron profile? Anaemia leading to SOB, lightheadedness, headache, anxiety like symptoms. Could be due to blood loss (e.g menorrhagia) because MCV is near normal.

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