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Rules of life by Saygin Yalcin (Founder & CEO at💯

1. If children don’t like you, adults shouldn’t either👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽😍 2. If you're thinking for longer than a month whether to do something, then do it 🫵🏼🔥 3.let people finish talking🗣 4. Don't talk badly about others, when they are not around🫂🫶🏼 5. When confronted with adversaries, don't react right away👌🏼wait and smirk😏 6. Don’t take unnecessary risks such as extreme sports🏁🏎🏍 it is stupid to die for such frivolous reasons🪦💔 7.When somebody talks about something emotional about🥺😢don’t answer in the way that makes the conversation about yourself ❌👥💕 8.Stop scrolling your life away on social media🚫✋🏼🤳🏼 9. Unexpected acts of kindness, are makes people admire you most😇🥰 10. The only thing in life you get gifted🎁 is life itself🫵🏼❤️

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