Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat2 months ago
Hazards of the Job

Hazards of the Job

My friend Ricardo is a seasoned autopsy technician. Recently he had a scary accident at work while performing an autopsy on a decomposed body. As he was drawing vitreous fluid from the decedent's eyes with a large gague needle, the person's head began to slide. Ricardo tried to hold on to the head, but ended up sticking his hand with the needle in the process. He followed the normal safety protocols, washed the wound, and didn't think much of it, because these types of injuries are extremely common in his line of work. The next day, Ricardo's hand swelled 2x its normal size and his coworkers urged him to seek treatment. After an MRI, he was immediately taken into emergency surgery. His hand had a rapidly growing bacterial infection which was already tracking up his wrist. The infection needed to be treated immediately otherwise he would have become septic or lost his arm. A large incision was made to drain and treat the infection. The first photo shows Ricardo's arm immediately after surgery, the second is his arm today, a month and a half later. Fortunately, his arm is on the mend. Unfortunately, due to the scar tissue formation, he isn't able to touch his thumb to his fingers so he can't grip forceps or work as an autopsy tech until he is able to make that motion. In the meantime, Ricardo isn't getting enough money through worker's comp to make ends meet. He is trying to find odd jobs to do until his hand heals. A veteran of the Marine Corps, he has an extremely good work ethic. Although Ricardo can't do fine movements, he can still lift heavy stuff. If you are in the DC/Baltimore area and need anything hauled or moved, he has a huge truck. LMK you're interested and I'll connect you. Since some people have also asked if I could share a place to donate, his Cashapp is $RicardoDiggs. Ricardo is a great guy who taught me how to eviscerate bodies and showed me a lot of things about Baltimore I would have been otherwise naive to. If you can help him out, it would also mean a lot to me!

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