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Detailed Myopathy  (Inflammatory myositis)

Detailed Myopathy (Inflammatory myositis)

This video is a description of a traumatic or autoimmune inflammatory myopathy called myositis. Myositis means inflammation of the muscles that you use to move your body. The video covers the genetic causes, clinical features, rate of occurrence, laboratory features, pathophysiology, management and many more things. If you are lacking basic concepts and want a firm grip do watch this video. TIMELINE: 0:19 Introduction and dystrophy 1:20 Patient clinical features 1:53 Genetics 2:15 Treatment 2:51 Inflammatory myopathy 4:14 Clinical features (pictorial representation) 6:57 Rate of occurrence 7:15 Laboratory diagnosis 8:07 Microscopic slides 8:30 Management 10:35 Pathophysiology 11:19 Lab features 11:55 Management in chronic conditions 14:35 Immunosuppressants role 16:49 Inclusion Body myositis (IBM) 17:13 Clinical features of IBM 18:32 Laboratory features 20:31 Statin myopathy 21:41 Critical illness myopathy 23:20 End

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