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Introduction to Histology of
 Nervous System

Introduction to Histology of Nervous System

Watch this video to get basic information about the nervous system. It explains all the things that you need to know about the basic unit of nervous system i.e neuron along with the components of nervous system. 00:00 Introduction 00:55 Neuron 01:43 Neuroglia 02:00 Cell body 02:10 Dendrites 02:23 Axon 02:45 Axon Terminals 03:20 Neuromuscular junction 03:29 Myelin 03:48 Schwann cell 04:17 Nodes of Ranvier 04:30 Structural Classification of Neuron 05:00 Unipolar Neuron 05:15 Bipolar Neuron 05:30 Multipolar Neuron 05:49 Functional Classification of Neuron 06:30 Regions of Neuron 07:00 Generation of Nerve Impulse 11:40 Components Of Nervous system

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