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Raj Kalale Reddy
Raj Kalale Reddy2 months ago
Vaginal Hysterectomy: what is it and how its done?

Vaginal Hysterectomy: what is it and how its done?

In this video, we will look into the hysterectomy surgery, where the uterus of patient is removed due to cancer or fibroid, pain and bleeding or uterine prolapse. There are two types of hysterectomy procedure - Vaginal or abdominal. we will look at the anatomy of reproductive system, the hysterectomy surgery and indications along with complications of hysterectomy in detail. #hysterectomy #womenshealth #surgery ______________________________________________________________________ KEY MOMENTS 0:00 Intro 0:20 Anatomy of uterus 0:48 Vaginal Hysterectomy 1:10 Indication of hysterectomy 2:00 Pre-operative 2:21 hysterectomy procedure 2:45 Abdominal hysterectomy 2:59 Post operative 3:35 things to remember ___________________________________________________________________ BE MY FRIEND * āœ… Personal website: āœ… Instagram: āœ… Facebook: āœ… Twitter: šŸ’” TOPICS IN THIS VIDEO šŸ’” vaginal hysterectomy, surgery, genecology, uterus removal

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