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Iqra3 months ago
Symptoms of stroke

Symptoms of stroke

The loss of blood flow to the brain damages tissues within the brain. Symptoms of a stroke show up in the body parts controlled by the damaged areas of the brain. The sooner a person having a stroke gets care, the better their outcome is likely to be. For this reason, it’s helpful to know the signs of a stroke so you can act quickly. Stroke symptoms can include: paralysis numbness or weakness in the arm, face, and leg, especially on one side of the body trouble speaking or understanding others slurred speech confusion, disorientation, or lack of responsiveness sudden behavioral changes, especially increased agitation vision problems, such as trouble seeing in one or both eyes with vision blackened or blurred, or double vision trouble walking loss of balance or coordination dizziness severe, sudden headache with an unknown cause seizures nausea or vomiting

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