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Hunain5 months ago
Treatment for carolis disease

Treatment for carolis disease

Treatment for Caroli disease is based on where the wide bile ducts are located inside of the liver. If the wider bile ducts are on the left or right half of the liver, then that portion of the liver can be removed through surgery. People who have part of their liver removed (hemi-hepatectomy) in order to treat Caroli disease often do not experience future symptoms. If the dilated bile ducts are located throughout the liver, using antibiotics may be able to prevent cholangitis. Surgeries can also be done to help get the bile out of the liver (internal biliary bypass). For some people, this is difficult to manage, so a liver transplant may be the best option. People with Caroli disease are usually followed by a care team made up of doctors who specialize in diseases of the digestive tract (gastroenterologists), doctors who specialize in diseases of the liver (hepatologists), and doctors who perform surgeries. They may also be cared for by a surgeon that specializes in liver transplants (transplant hepatologist).

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