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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat3 months ago
Amputated Hand Fixed!

Amputated Hand Fixed!

 A 49 year old male patient with struggle came to E.R with already amputated left hand just above wrist crease. Immediately underwent operation with exploartion of ulnar & radial arteries in both the hand and forearm and marked. Bone fix after 1 cm shortening by 3 k-wires . Then ulnar artery connected under microscope followed by two dorsal veins. Then Radial artey connected followed by another vein. Then median & ulnar Nerves were connected , followed by flexor tendons , spared extensors for delayed reconstruction after markings. The operation took 9 hours using microscope with a team of plastic surgeons. Two weeks later the hand is still viable and didn’t undergo any revisions .. 

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