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AP Elbow Radiograph Anatomy

AP Elbow Radiograph Anatomy

Once you have established which bone is which, you know that radius is lateral and Ulna is medial. 1. We can determine the age, especially in Pediatric radiographs, based on the appearance of the ossification centres of the elbow. Remember the mnemonic CRITOE. 2. When checking the joint congruency on the AP view, we check the articulation of the radial head with the capitulum and the trochlea with the trochlear notch of the ulna. 3. To find subtle fractures, we look for steps or crinkles or angulation at the radial head and neck as these represent nearly 50% of all elbow fractures in adults! 4. Last but not the least, remember to check out the soft tissues! A swelling is often a very helpful clue to guide you to the site of a fracture or a direct evidence of soft tissue involvement by the pathology.

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