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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat7 months ago
An incredible plastic surgery!

An incredible plastic surgery!

A saddle nose deformity can be devastating, as shown in these photos. This kind patient has allowed me to share his results after a rib graft reconstruction ✨transformation✨. This was a very complex surgery that has resulted in a natural, proportioned nose. Stepwise dorsal reconstruction was performed: ✅ First, the dorsum was further ‘deconstructed’ to allow for the rebuild. The upper laterals were released and bony dorsum reduced. ✅ Second, the caudal septum/tetrapod was rebuilt. This tetrapod consists of the medial crura, lateral crura, septum, and dorsal strut grafts (extended spreader grafts) ✅ Finally, a diced cartilage reconstruction graft was used for contour (not support) on the dorsum By:

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