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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat3 months ago
Sigmoid Volvolus

Sigmoid Volvolus

It is common in Asia, common in India (7% of intestinal obstruction) and especially South India because of high fibre diet. x It is very common cause of large bowel obstruction in Peru and Bolivia due to high altitude. x More common in males and old age. x It is common in patients with chronic constipation with laxative abuse. It is common in: ™ Ogilvie’s syndrome ™ Mentally-retarded individuals ™ Chaga’s disease ™ Hypothyroidism ™ Anticholinergic drugs ™ Multiple sclerosis ™ Scleroderma ™ Parkinson’s disease Clinical Features x Painintheabdomen—initiallyleftsided,eventuallyallover. x Absolute constipation (obstipation—no faeces, no flatus). Enormous distension of abdomen, starting from left iliac fossa extending to the whole of the abdomen (Tympanic abdomen). x Late vomiting and eventually dehydration. x Features of peritonitis. x Hiccough and retching can occur. x Tyre like feel of the abdomen is diagnostic By:

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