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Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry5 months ago
How to Grade Breast Cancer - The basics

How to Grade Breast Cancer - The basics

This useful video explains how to grade breast cancer and is presented by Professor Ian Ellis, University of Nottingham. Examples of different grades are included. 0:00 Introduction 0:40 What is grading? 1:30 Assessment of grade factors 2:00 Tubule formation 2:17 Nuclear pleomorphism 2:32 Mitotic figures 3:10 Tubule formation scoring 3:36 Tubule formation score 1 image 4:05 Tubule formation score 2 4:29 Assessment of tubules advice 5:00 Assessment of nuclear pleomorphism 5:14 Score 1 nuclear pleomorphism 5:30 Score 2 nuclear pleomorphism 5:40 Score 3 nuclear pleomorphism 6:00 Difference between breast pathologists nuclear scoring 8:00 Mitotic frequency assessment and reproducibility 9:00 Effect of fixation on mitotic figure assessment 10:15 Example of poorly fixed tumour histology 10:51 How to summate for final grade 12:32 Survival and grade of breast cancer

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