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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatima4 months ago
Seddon Classification of Neurological Injuries

Seddon Classification of Neurological Injuries

3 types of injuries: 1. Neurapraxia 2. Axonotmesis 3. Neurotmesis Neurapraxia: → Mildest form of peripheral nerve injury → Nerve sheath's continuity is intact; focal ischemia or demyelination → No wallerian degeneration → Good potential recovery → Takes months if injury/pressure is removed Axonotmesis: → Nerve fibers [axons] are damaged but nerve sheath is intact → Wallerian degeneration → Good potential for recovery → Growth is 1 mm/day Neurotmesis: → Nerve is completely divided → Poor outcome if not surgical approximated Reference: Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery Image via:

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