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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatima9 months ago
Drugs That Can Cause Torsades De Pointes

Drugs That Can Cause Torsades De Pointes

There are myriad of drugs that can cause torsades de pointes secondart to prolongation of QT interval. These drugs can be learned through 2 easy mnemonics: 1) ABCDE A = antiArrhythmic drugs B = antiBiotics C = antipsyChotics D = antiDepressants E = antiEmetics 2) TOOQQRSADES T = Thiazides O = Olanzapine O = Opioids Q = Quinidine Q = Quinolones R = Riseperidone S = Sotalol A = Antihistamines D = antiDperessants E = Erythromycin [and other macrolide antibiotics] S = SSRIs Reference: Image via:

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