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Jennie Reid11 months ago

How is an intraoral infraorbital nerve block administered?

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11 months ago

Administration of intraoral infraorbital nerve block 1. Adjust the patient in supine or seated position. 2. Soak a q-tip into anesthetic agent. 3. Gently rub the q-tip for 1 minute on the mucosa opposite to the upper second premolar. 4. Draw 2-5 cc of anesthetic agent into the syringe. 5. Ask the patient to look straight ahead so you can palpate the infraorbital foramen. Once you palpate the foramen, put your finger on the exact location. 6. Inject the needle after retracting the cheek. Make sure the needle introduces 0.5 cm from the buccal surface. 7. Continue injecting the needle until it reaches the foramen. Note: Do not advance in a rush. You may enter the orbit. 8. Slightly aspirate to ensure no blood vessel is ruptured. In case of no blood, inject 4-5 cc of anesthetic agent gradually.

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