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Reginald Reidabout 1 year ago

What is the full differential diagnosis when finding an enlarged liver

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about 1 year ago

Hepatomegaly is the increase in size of liver. It is seen on ultrasound or ct scan. Which are prescribed when patients present with signs of liver dysfunction such as jaundice, fatigue, nausea or abdominal fullness. Conditions which presents with hepatomegaly are: obesity, infections like hepatitis, alcohol, and toxin induced, drug induced, auto immune disease, and other metabolic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart diseases or genetic disorders, cysts, PVT. Risk factors for the condition include: alcohol intake, obesity, having infections and drug intake like paracetamol. Management is usually cause related. If the disease is not severe, removing the trigger can result in recovery.

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