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A.K.Azad Mallick
A.K.Azad Mallick 12 months ago


A REAL gallbladder, surgically excised and opened to reveal cholesterol gallstones inside. The gallbladder, sitting just underneath the liver, releases a compound called bile into the gut. One component of bile is cholesterol, which is too highly divided within the bile, can crystallize to form gallstones. These stones can be lodged within the ducts, exiting the gallbladder and liver, causing abdominal pain (particularly in the right upper part of the abdomen, where the gallbladder and liver are located), jaundice (or yellowing of the skin bilirubin buildup - another component of bile) , and inflammation (called cholecystitis). It's not that high blood cholesterol levels predispose to the development of gallstones. In the western world, 90% of gallstones are made of crystallized cholesterol. So .. high blood cholesterol does not just cause atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup in the arteries elevated cholesterol can deposit and crystallize in other sites as well. The good news though. We can lower our cholesterol levels through regular aerobic exercise, as well as in the diet, low in saturated fat and high in fiber (fiber actually binds cholesterol in our guts, warning its absorption!)

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10 months ago

Its a fuse chocolate

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