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Medicaltalks about 4 years ago
Sword accident
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Sword accident

He survived! A katana (Japanese sword) penetrates a patient's body from the fourth intercostal of the left anterior chest to the back!! The 91-year-old male stabbed his own chest and abdomen and cut his head with a katana and was found in a coma by his family. His history included dementia, schizophrenia, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. The patient was in a deep coma and also a state of severe hemorrhagic shock. Emergency thoracotomy was performed in the operating room. The patient temporally exhibited pulseless electrical activity due to massive hemorrhage, and fluid resuscitation resulted in spontaneous circulation. Injuries of the lingual, left pulmonary artery, and diaphragm were found, and primary closure of the pulmonary artery with clamping of the pulmonary hilum, primary closure of the diaphragm, and lobectomy of the lingual region were performed. The abdominal stab wound did not reach the intra-abdominal cavity and was also closed. After the operation, the patient developed pyothorax and was treated with antibiotics. He achieved a full somatic recovery and was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, where he was successfully treated, despite his advanced age and severe shock state. Courtesy of Wolters Kluwer

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about 4 years ago

Title should Probably say suicide attempt using a sword instead of 'sword accident' ,this was not an accident. Although its a great case presentation πŸ‘.

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about 4 years ago

He tried to commit Sudoku

about 2 years ago

91😱? That man's skin is smooth as silk. Not to mention resilience, wow.